People and Collaborations

Unité Mixte de Recherche 6553 Écosystèmes, Biodiversité, Évolution (ECOBIO), Université de Rennes 1

Malika Ainouche – Head of EGA team – UMR ECOBIO (Rennes 1)
Phylogenetics of Poaceae, allopolyploidy, population genetics, speciation.

Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London – United Kingdom

Sandra Knapp – Curator and Head of the Plant Division (NHM)
World-wide taxonomic monograph of Solanum, Capsicum and Lycianthes – Flora Mesoamericana – Phylogenetics and genomic evolution of Solanaceae – Crop domestication – Conservation in the Neotropics

Sven Buerki – Researcher (Boise state University and NHM)
Biogeography and Conservation – Systematics and Phylogenetics – Madagascar, Tropical Asia and Island systems

Mindy Syfert – Ph.D. (NHM)
Conservation and Red List assessments – Pest/Crop interaction – Biogeography

Logo_mnhnInstitut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité ISYEB – UMR 7205 CNRS MNHN UPMC EPHE – France

Thomas Haevermans – Curator (MNHN)
Phylogeny, Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Malagasy Euphorbia, of Bambusoidae and Musaceae from South Asia

Porter P. Lowry II – Curator and Head of the Africa and Madagascar Department (Missouri Botanical Garden and MNHN)
Systematics of Apiales – Flora and vegetation of Madagascar – Flora and vegetation of New CaledoniaApplication of taxonomic information to conservation planning and management

EuphorbbannerEuphORBia PBI project:

Paul E. Berry – Professor (University of Michigan) and Head of the U-M Herbarium
Taxonomy, evolution and biogeography of Euphorbiaceae (Euphorbia, Croton)

Brian Dorsey – Ph.D. (University of Michigan, Berry’s lab)
Phylogeny of Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia – Morphological evolution of Euphorbia section Euphorbia

Ya Yang – Ph.D. (University of )
Phylogeny and evolution of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce – Evolution of genes, pathways and functional traits in non-model organisms

Project ANR EvoRange “6ème extinction”:

Margaret E. K. Evans – Post-doctoral studies (University of Tucson and MNHN)
Conservation ecology and evolutionary ecology in plants

Sébastien LavergneCurator (CNRS, University Joseph Fournier)
Conservation ecology and evolutionary ecology in plants

David J. Hearn – Assistant Professor (Towson University)
Evolutionary, developmental, and ecological processes responsible for land plant diversity