Publications and Communications


Peer-reviewed publications

  • Ranil R, Prohens J, Aubriot X, Niran H, Plazas M, Fonseka R, Vilanova S, Fonseka H, Gramazio P, Knapp S (2017) Solanum insanum L. (subgenus Leptostemonum Bitter, Solanaceae), the neglected wild progenitor of eggplant (S. melongena L): a review of taxonomy, characteristics and uses aimed at its enhancement for improved eggplant breeding. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 64: 1707–1722. PDF
  • Aubriot X, Loup C, Knapp S (2016) Confirming the identity of two enigmatic “spiny solanums” (Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum, Solanaceae) collected by Jean-Baptiste Leschenault in Java. Phytokeys, 70: 90–110. PDF
  • Aubriot X, Soulebeau A, Haevermans T, Schatz GE, Cruaud C, Lowry II PP (2016) Molecular phylogenetics of Sarcolaenaceae (Malvales), Madagascar’s largest endemic plant family. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 182: 729–743. PDF & Erratum for Appendix
  • Aubriot X, Singh P, Knapp S (2016) Tropical Asian species show the Old World clade of “spiny solanums” (subgenus Leptostemonum Bitter pro parte: Solanaceae) is not monophyletic. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 181: 199–223. PDF
  • Soulebeau A, Aubriot X, Gaudeul M, Rouhan G, Hennequin S, Haevermans T, Dubuisson JY, Jabbour F (2015) The hypothesis of adaptive radiation in evolutionary biology: hard facts about a hazy concept. Organisms Diversity & Evolution, 15: 747–761. PDF

    Front_Matter_Evans_et al_2014

  • Evans M*, Aubriot X*, Hearn D, Lanciaux M, Lavergne S, Cruaud, C, Lowry II PP, Haevermans T (2014) The evolution of succulence: insights from a remarkable radiation in Madagascar. Systematic Biology, 63: 698–711.
    * Co-first authors PDF
  • Aubriot X, Lowry II PP, Haevermans T (2014) Taxonomic revision of the Malagasy endemic and enigmatic Euphorbia sect. Pachysanthae (Euphorbiaceae). Phytotaxa, 159: 221–235. PDF
  • Dorsey BL, Haevermans T, Aubriot X, Morawetz JJ, Riina R, Steinmann VW, Berry PE (2013) Phylogenetics, morphological evolution, and classification of Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia. Taxon, 62: 291–315. PDF
  • Aubriot X, Lowry II PP, Cruaud C, Couloux A, Haevermans T (2013) DNA Barcoding in a biodiversity hotspot: potential value for the identification of Malagasy Euphorbia L. listed in CITES Appendices I and II. Molecular Ecology Resources, 13: 57–65. PDF
  • Yang Y, Riina R, Morawetz JJ, Haevermans T, Aubriot X, Berry PE (2012) Molecular phylogenetics and classification of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce. Taxon, 61: 764–789. PDF
  • Haevermans T, Rouhan G, Hetterscheid W, Teissier M, Belarbi K, Aubriot X, Labat JN (2009) Chaos revisited: nomenclature and typification of the Malagasy endemic Euphorbia subgenus Lacanthis (Raf.) MG Gilbert. Adansonia, 31: 279–299. PDF

Book Chapter

Soulebeau A, Pellens R, Lowry II PP, Aubriot X, Evans M, Haevermans T (2016) Conservation of phylogenetic diversity in Madagascar’s largest endemic plant family, Sarcolaenaceae. In: Pellens R, Grandcolas P (Eds.). Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics. Springer, New York. 355–374. PDF

Manuscript in review or in preparation

  • Aubriot X, Knapp S, Syfert M, Poczai P, Buerki S (in review with American Journal of Botany) Shedding new light on the origin and spread of the brinjal eggplant (Solanum melongena L.; Solanaceae) and its wild relatives.
  • Aubriot X, Knapp S (in prep. for PhytoKeys) A taxonomic revision of South-East Asian “spiny solanums”.
  • Castillo K, Monroe A, Coss K, Ujetz J, Spencer M, Aubriot X (in prep. for Plant Systematics and Evolution) Molecular phylogenetics of Parietaria L. (Urticaceae) with an update on generic and species delimitations.

PhD dissertation

Evolutionary radiations, “key-innovations” and notion of species in Malagasy Euphorbia L. PDF

PhD in Plant Biology and Sciences of Evolution, Thesis advisor: P.P. Lowry II. Defended on 15/11/2015, distinction: “Très honorable avec les félicitations du Jury”.


International Conferences

Oral communications

  • Knapp S, Aubriot X, Buerki S, Dudley C, Kinsell S, Särkinen T, Syfert M, Vorontsova M ; Why taxonomy matters – the amazing diversity of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) wild relatives ; SOL2017, Spain.
  • Aubriot X, Knapp S ; Working out the history and the biogeography of Old World “spiny solanums” (Solanum subg. Leptostemonum): the key contribution of the overlooked Tropical Asian species ; SOL2015, France.
  • Aubriot X, Knapp S ; New ingredients for an old recipe: contribution of the Asian aubergines to a better understanding of the complex evolutionary history of Old World spiny solanums ; SA Biennial 2015, UK.
  • Dorsey BL, Berry PE, Haevermans T, Aubriot X ; Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia: a diverse lineage with regional radiations and repeated evolution of novel growth forms ; IBC 2011, Australia.
  • Aubriot X, Lowry II PP, Haevermans T ; The enigmatic group of Euphorbia pachysantha Baill.: how to work-out a herbarium puzzle? ; AETFAT 2010, Madagascar.


  • Aubriot X, Hul S, Knapp S ; New ingredients for an old recipe: using Asian aubergines to understand the complex evolutionary history of Old World spiny Solanum ; Botanical research in Tropical Asia 2015, Lao.
  • Aubriot X, Knapp S ; Unravelling the mysterious origins of Old World “spiny solanums” (Leptostemonum Clade): lessons from South and South-East Asia ; 16th Flora of Thailand Conference 2014, UK.
  • Aubriot X, Haevermans T, Ranaivo J, Lowry II PP ; Clarifying phylogenetic relationships and biogeographic events within Malagasy Euphorbia L. – a textbook example: the endemic subg. Lacanthis (Raf.) M.G.Gilbert, the island’s most diverse group ; IBC 2011, Australia.
  • Aubriot X, Haevermans T, Ranaivo J, Lowry II PP ; The contribution of DNA barcoding for the identification of Malagasy Euphorbia L. listed in CITES Appendices I and II ; IBC 2011, Australia.
  • Haevermans T, Lowry II PP, Schatz GE, Applequist W, Aubriot X, Haevermans A, Cruaud C, Hong-wa C, Phillipson PB, Rouhan G (2011) ; Phylogenetic relationships within Sarcolenaceae (Malvales), Madagascar’s largest endemic plant family, based on molecular sequence data ; IBC 2011, Australia.
  • Fradin H, Aubriot X, Maiocco Ô, Régine VL ; A character may hide another ; E-biosphere 2009, UK.