Teaching and Student supervision

Teaching and public outreach activities

  • Guide at the herbarium of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN). 2009-2012. All types of public. 54 visits
  • Realization of on-line courses on plants classification and identification (e-learning platform of MNHN). 2009-2012. Secondary school public. 108 hours
  • Management of the MNHN help forum for students in high-school and preparatory classes of the Grandes Écoles. 27 hours
  • Theoretical courses on plant biodiversity and DNA barcoding, MNHN (Paris). 2010-2012. Scholar (Master 2) and non-scholar (non-profit associations) publics. 47 hours
  • Involvement in UK Science festival, ‘Science Uncovered’, at the Natural History Museum of London (NHM). 2013 & 2015. Theme: ‘Diversity of wild relatives of solanaceous crops’. General public. c. 10 hours
  • Series of four talks on syndrome of plant succulence, ‘Nature Live’ events of the NHM. 2014-2015. Theme: ‘Plants under pressure: handling the heat’. General public. c. 4 hours
  • Participation in two commercial public engagement events of NHM. 2014-2015. Themes: ‘Chocolate!’ and Chili Peppers: Turning up the heat’. General public. c. 10 hours


Supervising activities

  • Tristan Cheminel: BTS level, 2 months, MNHN; optimization and tests of the DNA Barcoding markers for Euphorbia, Sarcolenaceae and Bambusa
  • Lucianno Zafilahy: Master 2 level, 5 months, MNHN; Phylogeny of Euphorbia section Pervilleanae
  • Coléa Sanou: Licence 3 level, 2 months, MNHN; Phylogeny of Malagasy Diospyros
  • Anaëlle Soulebeau: Master 1 level, 2 months, MNHN; Events of dispersion within Euphorbia section Denisophorbia: the contribution of the molecular data
  • Maxime Lanciaux: Master 1 level, 2 months, MNHN; Influence of the climatic conditions on the evolution of the morphological diversity in the Malagasy Euphorbia
  • Anaëlle Soulebeau: Master 2 level, 5 months, MNHN; Evolution, ecology and species delimitations within Euphorbia section Denisophorbia (Leandri)
  • Drew Davy: MSc level, 2 months, NHM; The Eggplant Clade: teasing thorny taxonomic tangles